Transpersonal psychology is a depth psychology that focuses on

higher states of human development and self-actualization.

One of the aims is to help individuals recognize and value their true

worth and to foster the fulfillment of our highest potentials as human


Not only does is address higher meanings in life, it also compasses

deep spiritual experiences and altered states of being and knowing

that arise from experiencing a deep connection to the world around

you and beyond.


These experiences have been referred to as Peak, Flow, Mystical or

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness and can be achieved through

deep meditation, breathwork, psychoactive substances, etc.


In addition, transpersonal psychology also includes mysticism,

parapsychology, Near Death Experiences - yep, all that fun stuff!

The transpersonal deepens one’s spiritual connection, helps to instill

greater concern for others, and a deep appreciation or life and beyond.

I also provide psychedelic integration. While I cannot offer support during the ingestion of psychedelics, as it is illegal for me to do so at this time, I can help you prepare for the ritual and the re-entry process so you can get the most out of the experience. Psychedelic integration can help to incorporate the insights gained into your life, work through any difficult or upsetting material that arose and is lingering, and make sense of aspects of the experience you just can’t wrap your head around.

 Perhaps you just want to deepen your spiritual or mystical connection to the world around you; or to bring some awesome magick into your life. I would be honored to assist you.

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