It hit you one day....You’re middle-age!


You’ve been taking care of everyone else’s needs during most of these years - now you're finding yourself exhausted and impatient.

You find yourself tired of having to deal with stupid people - and there seems to be so many of them!


You don’t want to waste your time on things that no longer hold your interest.

Maybe you’re realizing your marriage isn’t going to get any better. Or coming to terms that some of your dreams will never materialize.

Where did all the time go?

You might be beginning to have concerns about the health issues you might face as you age.

You’re feeling guilty for complaining. Yeah, they might all be first world problems but they suck nonetheless. 


Did you know that women in the midlife years (40 to 60) have more stress than younger or even older women.

There are changes in family relationships; kids leaving the home and starting lives of their own, aging parents, perhaps divorce...


Maybe you want to find that right work-life and personal-life balance.

Explore current career challenges. Help satisfy that internal calling for

self-discovery that has been nudging you for sometime.


Midlife is a time to learn new skills and perspectives.

Some women are looking forward to new inspiring adventures.

Others are ready to carve out space for the solitude they've

been craving.

I would LOVE to help you navigate the changes you are facing.

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