From the outside it may look like you have it all.  

You achieve what you put your mind to.

You’re hardworking, committed, and you don’t hesitate to

go the extra mile.

Your standards for yourself are high, higher than most.

Yet you feel like you’re letting everyone down.

The endless to-do list is just well...endless.

 When you cross one goal off, a new one creeps up, sending

you on a wild goose chase for more. 

Thus, the freedom and relaxation you are craving seems to be

out of reach. 

Between meeting the needs of the family/friends and the


at work - feels like you’re letting both down

You feel like you’re always on edge. There is that tightness in your chest. Your stomach is a mess. You wake up tired.

You’re always fatigued. Don’t have the energy you used to have.

Something is missing and just can’t put your finger on it..

On in the inside, you feel empty, unfulfilled. You’re finding it difficult to relax. Can’t seem to turn your mind off;  having trouble staying focused. Sometime it’s even hard to stay in your own skin.

The scripts running in the background of your mind are telling you…

When you get that promotion/partnership you’ll be able to take a vacation...

  When you find that perfect relationship then you’ll finally be happy…

When you close this deal or finish this project then I’ll be able to relax…

You fear you’re on the verge of burnout.

You so want to get off that damn roller coaster and to figure out how to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

Anxiety is NOT the Enemy.

In actuality, anxiety has help you motivate yourself to accomplish much of what you’ve achieved in your life. It helped to prepare you to face the challenges you saw coming up ahead. All that extra effort, that going the extra mile, that stress you put into making a good impression, doing that fantastic presentation. It’s anxiety that kept you on your toes and help you shape your success.

Additionally, anxiety can make people nicer. More considerate about what others are thinking or experiencing. Anxiety makes you more concerned about your interactions with others. In fact, leaders who struggle with anxiety can be more effective. They are better problem-solvers because they put more care in their decision making. Definitely a benefit of being able to see everything that could possibly go wrong.

The anxiety is trying to keep you safe. Wired for a world in which we were more hunter-gatherers the flight-fight response kept us all alive. Presently, we live in a world where we are not being chased by tigers but the anxiety response ignites at even minor situations as though they are real threats; and overtime anxiety can become our baseline.

While there are some benefits to anxiety it is a bitch to live with and the symptoms can be exhausting and debilitating. Rather than improve our relationships and careers, unchecked it can devastate them.

I would like to help you change your relationship with the anxiety you are dealing with. To better understand it, and learn tools to master it, and transform it into a opportunity for self-growth.

Your symptoms can be difficult to manage, but exploring and coping with your anxiety can be a real opportunity for self-knowledge, self-care and self-growth.

Let’s face it, you’ll probably sense the signs of the coming zombie apocalypse before anyone else does. Now imagine doing it with calm, confidence, and class. And perhaps a killer pair of heels.


Your perfectionism, that attention to detail and those high standards,

have gotten you to where you are today. But if you’re honest with yourself,

you know your perfectionism is coming from a place a fear. It is this fear that

has you procrastinating and feeling paralyzed. After all, what is the point of

doing anything if it won’t meet your high standards?

I know you learned very early in your life that being prefect was the best

and maybe the only acceptable way. Most perfectionists grew up in home

that felt chaotic. Perfectionism allows a sense of structure or control in a

situation were there was often none. And Brene Brown tells us perfectionism

is a cover against vulnerability.

This endless pursuit of perfectionism is leaving you exhausted, empty, and feeling often like an impostor.

Perfectionism not only affects you in the office, it is damaging your relationships too. You often see the world in black-and-white, and are missing the fact that the relaxing and engaging life you want exists only in the gray.

I would love to help you dissect what is behind your need for perfectionism. To lessen the feelings of shame and judgment. We can find where the perfectionism serves you and where you can let go of some of those standards and see the world will not all apart.

Imagine how it would feel to break free from the chains of perfectionism. To truly understand that your value and worth have nothing to do with how well you perform.

 How wonderful it would feel to be able to relax and be fully present with and enjoy your family.

You would feel more confident in your work and in your relationships. And instead of

procrastinating on those important tasks, feeling excited to get started and allow it all to

come together as you go along.

I would Love to help you free yourself and become the woman you were meant to be.

Judith M Browne PsyD

     Dagaz Counseling & Psychotherapy PLLC               

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