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I am well-trained in evidence-based therapies, but my passion lies in the Spiritual and Transpersonal Psychology worlds. I am not the typical mainstream psychologist and may be a bit more on the mystical and woo-woo side. My interest in mysticism and spirituality has always been a part of my life; I was one of those odd mystical kids. My experience as a massage therapist and energy worker exposed me to the truth that we and our world are all electromagnetic. There is no doubt. There is so much more to this world than the powers-that-be want us to know. You are more gifted and powerful than they have led you to believe and they have created unlimited distractions and misinformation to keep you confused and ignorant. They want you in the left brain when your purpose is to integrate the left and the right and gain higher sight. 


If this makes sense to you and you’re looking for a therapist who is familiar with nonduality, epigenetics, Lightworkers, 3D and 5D realities, Timelines, simulation theory, frequency & vibration, NDEs, and transcendental spiritual experiences -  and who isn’t going to diagnose you as crazy - I am one of those therapists. I am also very comfortable with Christianity and Buddhism.  It is essential for us all to develop a strong moral compass in this world and to strive for self-sovereignty.


I also provide psychedelic integration. While I cannot offer support during the ingestion of psychedelics, as it is illegal for me to do so at this time, I can help you prepare for the ritual and the re-entry process so you can get the most out of the experience. Psychedelic integration can help you to incorporate the insights gained into your life, work through any difficult or upsetting material that arose during the experience and is lingering on, and help to make sense of aspects of the experience you just can’t wrap your head around.


 Additionally, I have used holistic therapies (homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, holotropic breathwork and psychedelics) for healing in my personal life. While I am not qualified to offer these modalities in my practice I do provide support to individuals who are utilizing alternative therapies for autoimmune, cancer, and other chronic issues under the care of a holistic physician. It can be very lonely when one is going against the orthodox mainstream view of how things should be done. Many find skills like reframing, hypnotherapy, creative visualization, and emotional freedom technique (tapping) very beneficial.


If adding the spiritual aspect to psychotherapy feels like a good fit for you, I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation so we can explore if I might be a good fit in helping you meet your goals. 

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