Stressed, Burned Out, Anxious, or Stuck ...

                                - You Are Not Alone

  • At a crossroads?

  • Working through a major change or wanting to get our of a rut?

  • Needing more balance between your work -life and your professional-life?

  • Ready to break the patterns of codependency and become self-differentiated?

  • Do you feel limited by your perfectionism, anger/resentment, isolation, anxiety, or guilt?

  • Are you constantly fatigued due to a stressful lifestyle, chronic pain, or other heath issues?

  • Ready to make some changes...

Can you relate to any of the following:

 Clients who do well with my approach are those who have the capacity  to be self-reflective, are open to new perspectives, are motivated, and are seeking personal growth

  I provide psychotherapy to Individuals looking to achieve the following goals:

  • Acceptance and appreciation of oneself

  • A greater sense of self-confidence

  • Cultivate a profound inner sense of security and well-being

  • Self-care to support your physical health and overall well-being

  • Develop faith in your ability to move forward and meet life’s challenges

  • Gain a healthier, more productive perspective on current life circumstances

  • Improve relationships that are unsatisfying, both personally and professionally

  • Develop a path of purpose and self-fulfillment

  • Waking-up from the matrix

  • Recovering from Catholicism or other religious trauma

  • Cultivate enhanced attention and awareness through mindfulness and radical acceptance

  • Develop a mindset for Success

  • Personal Growth and Evolution

  • Integration of Nonordinary states of consciousness (Entheogens, Ayahuasca, Near Death Experiences, and other Holotropic Experiences)

  • Post-traumatic Growth

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.” 

Ram Dass

Judith M Browne PsyD

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