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The bad news is you have been programed to feel fear 

Fear decreases your body's immune response, and decreases your capacity for critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity. It's all around you and it makes you feel small, anxious, depressed, and insignificant. Fear makes you easier to control. Don't believe me, listen to what the news and commercials are selling you - fear.

Why do they want you to feel fear?  They want to influence or control your behavior.

Additionally, fear disconnects you from your spirit or soul. So if you are not using your

internal GPS, who is running your life? Who have you given your power to

The good news is you can rewire your brain and empower yourself.

The neuroplasticity aspect of the brain provides you with the ability to reprogram the beliefs, images, and stories that have kept you feeling anxious, depressed, isolated, overwhelmed or just damn stuck.

Learning new ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit that support and empower you and are in alignment to the higher purpose you know you are here for.  

Phase One:

  • overview of mind, body, spirit

  • brainstorm on your vision for your life

Phase Two:

  • review diet

  • Lifestyle goals

  • Integrate brain wave control

Phase Three:

Phase four:

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