Codependency may show itself when we have a hard time saying no to others, even if it means you’re always putting yourself last. You don’t want to let others down and you may have a strong desire to be liked by everyone - a genuine people pleasure.


You may find it difficult to communicate honestly or authentically to others about what you need or don't want. You may even know that you need better boundaries but don't know how to implement them and you might even be fearful that any boundaries will create the conflict you are always trying so hard to avoid.


You may have a need to be in a relationship even if on some level you know it is not a healthy one. Or perhaps you are craving intimacy yet the fear of  abandonment, rejection, or criticism keeps you from even seeking to find one. 


Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship that can affect your sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image. It can actually keep you from creating the relationship you desire and more importantly it can impact your relationship with yourself. The roots of codependency are found in childhood experiences and the lost connection to one’s self that happened along the way. The bottom line is codependency keeps you engaging in relationships with the patterns you developed in childhood and not like the amazing confident adult woman you want to be.


Imagine how wonderful it will feel to trust yourself in setting up healthy boundaries in your life. How different would your life be if you knew how to find and cultivate healthy relationships that support you and have the courage to let go of those that don’t serve you. How freeing it would be to be out of that people-pleasing trap that has negatively affected your self-esteem as well as the connection to yourself and the divine.


Breaking the bonds of codependency is not easy, especially if it is a multi-generational pattern. But truthfully, part of your destiny may be that YOU are the one who was meant to break that ancestral pattern.

Therapy can help you in building your confidence, improving your self-esteem and self-care, and in creating healthy boundaries in relationships. Most importantly, we can explore ways in which you can cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and your spiritual source. Learning to find what brings you excitement and joy is a game changer - you just need to be willing to get a bit out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown. 

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