The overall length of treatment can vary significantly based on you and the goals of treatment. Brief therapy can be completed in 6 to 12 sessions; however, some people choose to have or need a longer length of time due more complicated issues or engaging in deeper work.  Moreover, like everything else in life - you only get out what you put into it! Hence, if you do the work between sessions you will see progress faster. Overall, my priority to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while still striving to create deep and lasting change.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive access to the client portal which contains all the information you need to get set up. There will be some paperwork to fill out online and submit. You will also be able to schedule your appointments online as well. It’s easy!

Clients have direct access to me via secure email and messaging through the client portal - both are HIPAA compliant platforms. 

To schedule a phone consultation visit the Client Portal  and choose the New Client tab - this helps avoid the phone tag pain, or call  602-486-8120 and leave a message.

Before making a first appointment, it is important for us to talk by phone to determine if we would be a good match for working together. This will give you a chance to let me know what challenges you are looking for help with and whether my areas of specialization seem well suited to get you to your goals. 

Therapy sessions are 55 minutes. Typically, sessions are scheduled once per week in the beginning of treatment as weekly sessions are the ideal amount of time to integrate change into daily life without losing momentum in therapy. However, frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased based on your need, preference or availability.

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