We all know what it’s like. The excessive worrying. The brain that won’t shut off. How hard it is to concentrate and to stay focused. You find yourself going from one thing to another and not really completing any of them. And for the life of you, you can’t remember what you did with the pen that was just in your hand. You seem to be forgetting a lot of things.

That internal feeling of being rushed. So much you need to get done but time is flying by - it’s hard to keep up.  

You feel restless and yet fatigued like your mind and your body aren’t synced-up together. Your muscles are tight

and the ones in your neck and upper back won't stop contracting. There is something not quite right about muscles that won’t relax.

And who can fall asleep when your mind is off running a marathon! Sure you might drift off for a few moments here and there, but mostly you toss and turn and disrupt the poor cat who is just trying to sleep - now how

 inconsiderate is that! The lack of sleep has you waking up tired and groggy. Oh yeah, and in worry mode. 

It doesn’t always end there and you know that because you are already anticipating the worst case scenario.  

Higher levels of anxiety can lead to panic attacks and you might be familiar with that experience - your heart races so fast you wonder if it will burst; your chest is so tight that taking a deep breath requires a real conscious effort; you feel shaky and sweaty and just can’t get comfortable in your own body - you just want to crawl out of your skin and hide in a corner somewhere. You may hear or see things that aren’t there and wondering if you’re going crazy. You are terrified of losing your mind, or control, or of dying. And the best advice the people around you can give is -- “just relax!!!” Oh, and if you’re really lucky -- sleep paralysis!

I know it’s  hard to believe there are actually some benefits in experiencing anxiety. But anxiety helps you to

motivate yourself and accomplish much of what you have already achieved in your life.

Anxiety signals you to prepare for challenges that you anticipate coming up ahead. All that extra effort,

going the extra mile, the work you put into making a good impression, doing that fantastic presentation - yep, it is the anxiety that you have around failing or letting others down that keeps you on your toes and helps you shape your success. 

Individuals with anxiety tend to be nicer and more considerate because they care about what others are thinking or feeling and are more concerned about their own interactions with other people. Team leaders who

struggle with anxiety may be more effective in their problem-solving skills and they care more about how their decision making will affect others. The bottom line is - anxiety just wants to keep you safe. We are all wired

for it to various degrees and it keeps us all alive.

The problem is that we live in a world where we are constantly exposed stressors, big and small - and like all of 2020! And our anxious minds have a great capacity to tell stories of catastrophic proportions that lead to procrastination, rumination, and paralyzing fear. 

Being prone to anxiety and worry increases the likelihood of  being triggered even by minor events and situations even when we can see that other people are not responding the same way. The smallest thing can be perceived  as a real threat and the world can become a dangerous place; or at least that is what our mind  believes.  Overtime, this constant state of anxiety  becomes our baseline and it will  affect our relationships and our careers - and left unchecked it can devastate them.  More importantly, chronic stress and anxiety puts your health at risk, It leads to a number of chronic dis-eases that can kill you - just in case you didn’t have enough to be anxious about.

I Can Help You

Using a combination of conventional psychotherapy, alternative psychology, and mind-body practices, I can teach you how to change your relationship with anxiety and how to create a healthier mindset - one that feels more balanced and authentic to you and that can lead you to a more fulfilling life. You will not only have a better understanding of the body’s stress-arousal system, but also learn effective techniques to help you get out of the left brain (analytical) thinking and more into the right brain (creativity and connection) so you can experience more curiosity, humor, and joy. 

I will support you in making essential lifestyle changes that are more in alignment with the state of being you want to cultivate. Yes, effectively managing anxiety, or any mood issue, requires us to explore such areas as nutrition, exercise/movement, getting out into nature, detoxification, decluttering, supplements, herbs, essential oils, and energy/frequency practices.

On the spiritual level - well, we can go as deep as you want! But it is a good thing to note that having a framework that provides you with meaning and purpose in your life actually enhances your psychological functioning. Whatever is the source of your spiritual ground (e.g., God, the Universe, Buddha, Nature) and the quality of your relationship with it, influences how you connect with yourself, the people in your life, the material world around you, and the invisible. 


I will help you experience first hand the benefits of meditation; and there are a variety of meditation and contemplation practices that you can experiment with. Not only do these practices reduce anxiety they also

increase your capacity for empathy, creativity, self-control /self-mastery, and expand your capacity for psychological insights. Cultivating a regular meditation practice can promote deep feelings of peace, joy, and compassion  - and a regular practice of Loving-Kindness meditation can slow down the aging process.

There are no shortcuts on the journey of healing, and it takes time. This is a journey where you will learn to recognize, affirm, and love all of you. A journey you don't need to make alone.

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