Woman-enered Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Judith M Browne Psy.D.




It is about experiencing a major shift in your life or a breakthrough on your path of transformation and Self-Awareness.When you are no longer satisfied living life the same ordinary way your soul needs change - internal and external. 

Dagaz - (Day-gahz) - the Rune Symbolizing Radical change. 

My practice is centered on the unique challenges of professional and entrepreneurial women who are seeking personal growth, improved relationships including with themselves, and a deeper connection to their higher-self.


My specialties include anxiety, perfectionism, codependency, depression, life transitions and spiritual & transpersonal psychology

"The privilege of a lifetime is to

become who you truly are."   

C.G. Jung

Professional & Entrepreneurial Women

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Perfectionism

  • Depression

  • Codependency

Women In Transition

  • Divorce

  • Empty Nest

  • Midlife 

  • Grief & Loss

Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Spiritual

  • Self-Actualization

  • Intuition

  • Psychedelic Integration

 I provide individual therapy for women in my office which is conveniently located in the Biltmore area - on the southeast corner of 24th Street and Clarendon Ave (between Osborn Rd and Indian School).

I also provide online therapy via secure video throughout Arizona and Florida

I would LOVE to help you navigate the challenges you face and to help you enjoy the life you have work so hard to create.

Judith M Browne PsyD

     Dagaz Counseling & Psychotherapy PLLC                      Psychotherapy for Women

3747 N 24th Street, Phoenix AZ 85016